Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Rewards for Sharing

Weeks ago, one of my friends asked me to help him find an MP3 from a local band. I went to Imeem to do a search, and to my surprise, many others were the same MP3 as well, which was not available in huge media sites like BaiDu. Therefore, I "recorded" the song from Imeem using my "self-discovered method".

Just before sending, the angel within me sounded...

"Why not upload to a file sharing site and share with the many others who want the file? Anyway I only need to upload once."

Immediately, YouSendIt.com came to my mind. However, YouSendIt only stores my file for 7 days. Thats when I googled for other alternatives and came across Easy-Share.

# Unlimited capacity for your files.
# Files kept 30 days after last download
# Maximum file size 100MB
# Earn $0.001 per download*
*conditions apply

Learn more about the program here

Even though the monetary reward appears pathetic, and definitely not a tool for getting rich, it seems like a reward for helping others. I immediately signed up for an account and uploaded the mp3. I posted the URL for people at Imeem to download, as well as inform my friend about it. Within 3 days, there were over 500 downloads and I had around US$0.50 in my balance.

Since then, I have been using this service whenever I want to mass send a file to a group of recipients. In my few weeks of usage, I have accumulated over 2000 downloads and rewarded with approximately US$2!

Interesting right? Never thought of being rewarded for sending your friends stuff? I thought it was a scam too. After all, file-sharing is linked more to legal issues than rewards.

But wait, whats there to lose when its just a free service? :)

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