Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Week #2 - Earnings Report

Adsense: US$0.30 (+0.19)
Advertlets: S$1.42 (+0.50)

AdBux: US$0.44 (+0.27)

Bux.to: US$1.15 (+0.46)

Clixncash: US$0.88 (+0.26)

Easyshare: US$2.27 (+0.10)

EmailCashPro: S$0.49 (+0.19)

PlanetPulse: US$7.45 (+5.50)

SGClub: S$3.85 (+1.85)

Estimated Earnings: S$24.50 (+12.73)

Second week into my venture. I must say that the result has not exactly met my expectations. However, the sole purpose is still providing valuable insights for readers to know what are the ways to earn money. Therefore, I need not be the one earning the bucks. If I've helped anyone earn money, I would be more than happy.

Target for the coming week #3 - Improve the Adsense income. Lastly, thanks to all readers for the support given so far. Please continue to do so.

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The Writers Manifesto said...

great quest you are on. if you need more resources to earn money from home which are free to join, then you might want to visit my homepage and click trough to my earn money page or my blog. I won't post those here because of spam.
Good luck with your ventures
Monika :-)

Digging For Bucks said...

Thanks so much for the encouragement. Just visited your site and found out many opportunities for my blog! Indeed very useful! But I still need to maintain this site for a few more months before I can qualify for reviews. No problem. Keep updating your list so I can know of more opportunities :)