Monday, September 24, 2007

After a busy month..

Advertlets: S$2.09 (+0.45)
Bidvertiser: US$0.03 (+0.03) US$4.54 (+3.04)
Clixncash: US$1.33 (+0.31)

Easyshare: US$2.66 (+0.23)

EmailCashPro: S$0.56 (+0.07)

PlanetPulse: US$10.20 (+2.75)

SGClub: S$4.88 (+0.24)

Estimated Total Earnings: S$35.67

After being removed by Google Adsense, I re-evaluated other opportunities as well. Removed Adbux from the list as the opportunity was not worth the time. has been doing well and I believe the cashout amount will be reached soon.

PlanetPulse, as usual, supplied me with 1-2 emails over the month and takes my earnings to double digit. Keep going!

Clixncash, still rated the best paying PTC, has paid me $1.33 so far. After all, there really is money to be picked on the internet. :)

Currently evaluating 1-2 new opportunities and probably doing a review of them soon. Lets all prosper together!

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keeyit said...

Keep it on..

At least you got a quite good result if compare to me.. =(

Digging For Bucks said...

Hi Kee Yit,

Don't worry. As long as you keep going, the results will come. Most importantly is you enjoy what you are doing. No point struggling for such small sums of money :)

Btw, happy mooncake festival! Saw your mum's mooncake! Must say they look good! :)