Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Happy Children's Day!

Advertlets: S$2.16 (+0.07)
Bidvertiser: US$0.03
Bux.to: US$5.49 (+0.95)
Clixncash: US$1.38 (+0.05)

Easyshare: US$2.73 (+0.07)

EmailCashPro: S$0.61 (+0.05)

PlanetPulse: US$13.20 (+3.00)

SGClub: S$4.94 (+0.06)

Estimated Total Earnings: S$41.96

Not much activity this week except for Planet Pulse, which sent me 2 surveys to do, earning me US$3. Bux.to going strong as well, and hopefully I can test the cashout to prove its legitimacy by the end of October!

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