Sunday, October 14, 2007

SGClub changes administrator

Advertlets: S$2.35 (+0.19)
Bidvertiser: US$0.03 US$6.51 (+1.02)
Clixncash: US$1.45 (+0.07)

Easyshare: US$2.98 (+0.25)

EmailCashPro: S$0.61 (+0.05)

PlanetPulse: US$15.20 (+2.00)

Estimated Total Earnings: S$39.60 (Assume 1USD=1.4SGD)

Earnings for both and PlanetPulse continue to increase consistently. However, the soar came from Easyshare due to their double rewards campaign.

Lastly, a cause for disappointment: SGClub changes administrator and the rewards system has been removed. Therefore, SGClub will not appear on the result list anymore. There goes the nearly $5 of money that I have made...

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Ahmed Mujtaba said...

Looks like you are earning more and more every month :)
Congrats dude ;)

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