Sunday, October 14, 2007

SGClub changes administrator

Advertlets: S$2.35 (+0.19)
Bidvertiser: US$0.03 US$6.51 (+1.02)
Clixncash: US$1.45 (+0.07)

Easyshare: US$2.98 (+0.25)

EmailCashPro: S$0.61 (+0.05)

PlanetPulse: US$15.20 (+2.00)

Estimated Total Earnings: S$39.60 (Assume 1USD=1.4SGD)

Earnings for both and PlanetPulse continue to increase consistently. However, the soar came from Easyshare due to their double rewards campaign.

Lastly, a cause for disappointment: SGClub changes administrator and the rewards system has been removed. Therefore, SGClub will not appear on the result list anymore. There goes the nearly $5 of money that I have made...

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Saturday, October 06, 2007

IM-Myth - A limited period opportunity!

I came across this IM-Myth as something that has spread across many PTC sites. As usual, who bothers to read the sites that they clicked? However, this one caught my attention.. with this line that says..

"..we'll also send you $1 for everyone you refer to this report!.."

This is the line that caught my attention. I was thinking, if the report was free, how can he sustain the distribution to the internet population which boast millions or billions or surfers each day? Then I saw the catch: This opportunity last for few days only. Then I think about it, paced up and down the room, and decided that this could be a viable opportunity. Afterall, what's the cost of trying? Nothing. Perhaps a few hours of your time trying to refer to friends over MSN or Email?

Therefore what are you waiting for? Do some referring work for the next few days and see if you can grab some bucks over the weekend!

1. Earn $1 for each person you refer
2. Earn $0.50 for each person your referral refers

Just try to hit this target. Refer 10 people yourself. And encourage them to refer 10 too. How much will you earn? $60! Need I say more?

Such lucrative payout rates are hard to come by, especially for something that cost you nothing.
There is no time to lose as this is a limited period opportunity!

Sign up here for a free account now! Start referring your friends! :)

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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Happy Children's Day!

Advertlets: S$2.16 (+0.07)
Bidvertiser: US$0.03 US$5.49 (+0.95)
Clixncash: US$1.38 (+0.05)

Easyshare: US$2.73 (+0.07)

EmailCashPro: S$0.61 (+0.05)

PlanetPulse: US$13.20 (+3.00)

SGClub: S$4.94 (+0.06)

Estimated Total Earnings: S$41.96

Not much activity this week except for Planet Pulse, which sent me 2 surveys to do, earning me US$3. going strong as well, and hopefully I can test the cashout to prove its legitimacy by the end of October!

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