Monday, July 30, 2007

Advertlets creates smiles for bloggers!

For profitable bloggers, a substantial sum of income will inevitably come from advertising. Other than Google Adsense, the undisputed #1 advertisement program for bloggers, Advertlets is the next thing on my mind, and should be on many others. Why should we participate in Advertlets? Firstly, its absolutely free! Secondly, it does not conflict with other advertising companies!

What makes Advertlets so special

Advertlets offers many forms of income, such as writing reviews or displaying their ad units on your blog. The various opportunities that Advertlets offers gives it an edge over other blog advertising companies.

In terms of ads, Advertlets offers much more relevant ads to the audience of your blogs compared to other companies, paying attention to even details like your country or location!

However, despite the efforts, Advertlets currently operate on CPM basis. While relevance of the ads serves to improve the number of clicks, CPM is very much dependent on the traffic of your blog. But, Advertlets has stated that CPC driven programs will be available in later stages. With the high relevance of their ads, bloggers are bound to benefit from the development of Advertlets.

What I like about Advertlets

As a blogging newbie, our pagerank is bound to be condemned to rock bottom. Afterall, traffic cannot be built overnight. While some companies only accept blogs that meet certain traffic requirements, Advertlets offers beginners like me hope and motivation. Thats why I did not hesitate to join this program, and strongly recommend beginners like me to participate!

Room for improvement

One sorely-missed feature of Advertlets would be the referral campaign, which many other companies offer. The absence of referral incentives diminishes the motivation to promote or recommend Advertlets to fellow friends in the blogosphere. This is a lose-lose situation.


Nevertheless, Advertlets has shown that it is one of the leading blog advertising companies in the region and surely one to watch out for in future. Once the CPC campaign is launched, I am sure Advertlets will blossom into one of the leading blog advertising companies around.

Definitely a blogger's choice. A must.

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Ahmed Mujtaba said...

Advertlets is great !
I also recommend this too.

Also check my post for the good things and the bad things about Advertlets.

Advertlets in my review

Digging For Bucks said...

Hi Ahmed,

Yup advertlets is one of the best ad for beginners like us. Lets work hard to get the traffic going.

Keep it going! :)

Ahmed Mujtaba said...

Why don't we exchange links ?

Digging For Bucks said...

You're more than welcomed. Just leave your link in my comments and I will update into the list of sites on my right panel. :)

Ahmed Mujtaba said...

It's Ahmed Mujtaba's Blog

I have added you in my blogroll.

Thanks !

Digging For Bucks said...

Hi, its added on my Useful Resources section :)

Ahmed Mujtaba said...

Thanks man !