Saturday, August 11, 2007

Prejudiced against Paid-to-Click Programs?

To start off, how many have participated in Paid-to-Click programs previously? How many think that they are scams? While the general perception of PTC programs is that they are scams, let me prove you wrong.

True, scams are everywhere. However, there are also truthful, honest and legitimate programs mixed in the sea of scams as well. Clixncash is one such program that has been victimized by all the black sheeps around. Below you can see a minimized screenshot of my payments received from Clixncash ALONE. I requested for 6 different payouts to test their efficiency and they did not let me down.

Why most PTC programs are regarded as scams?

It all boils down to one MAJOR factor - the possibility of meeting the minimum payout. If it takes 10,000 clicks to reach payout, it probably is deemed a scam by most people.

While it may not actually be a scam (or it might be), people usually condemn the program despite proofs of payment made to people who met the requirement.

Personal Review

Clixncash is officially the first program that has passed my reviewing test. Below are some of the opinions of this legitimate program:

Constant supply of advertisement

Average of 3 cents per day earnings

Exceptional low minimum payout

1-2 working days to process withdrawals

In conclusion, PTC is one of the leading advertising models in the internet. Due to its popularity, people tend to abuse it for their self interest. However, legitimate programs are still available. Clixncash is one that we've discovered, and we'll bring you more money-making opportunities as we continue the quest for cash!

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keeyit said...


Thanks for let us know on this.

I have joined this under you =)


Kee Yit

Digging For Bucks said...

Hi Kee Yit,

You're welcomed. Anyway more certified programs to come! :)


Ahmed Mujtaba said...

Can you tell me about the programs that pay on impressions, just like Advertlets ?