Thursday, August 02, 2007

Venture into Paid-to-Click Program

Fancy earning money while chatting with your friends on MSN or watching your favourite video at YouTube? Possible. is a Paid-to-Click (PTC) program that pays out a generous 1 cent for each click on their ads. Just click on the ads on site, leave it running for 30 seconds and the cent is yours to keep.

Since I use the internet everyday, I decided to multi-task just for a little while each to earn some online bucks. Anyway, I have got nothing to lose, except a few minutes a day. The program is free to join!

Observations, although labelled the imitation of the original AdBux, seems to be doing better than its predecessor. With an average of 6-8 ads a day, it generates around 6-8 cents a day. How much time will 6-8 ads take you? Probably 5 minutes?

Review of various packages available offers 100% commission on direct referrals' earnings -- every click your referral completes is counted as 1 cent for you too! Although allows purchase of referrals, I personally discourage this.

Firstly, it is costly. Secondly, your referrals may be inactive referrals who registered and does not complete any clicks for you. If that's the case (inactive referrals), there is almost no hope to recoup the cost of your referrals.

Premium membership is also popular among members. However, I do not recommend this upgrade either. Paying $59 to boost your income by 25%? Quite a hefty sum to pay for a guaranteed minimum of $7.50 a month uh?

FYI, Premium guarantees 20 ads a day and pays 1.25 cents per click.

Review of as an opportunity

Although I have yet to certify the legitimacy of this opportunity, I think its worth venturing into considering the high payout rate.

Cents may not seem lucrative as a reward for your effort. However, leveraging the efforts of your referrals in addition to your consistent clicks, it may soon turn into a small but steady stream of passive dollars.

If you heed my advice (above), there is nothing to lose. This program is free to join! In the event I've made sense and convinced you into joining, why not join as my referral?

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P.S. If you decide not to be my referral, you will be randomly placed under other members who purchase referrals.

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