Thursday, May 22, 2008

Rekindled! The fruits of my labor came..

My gosh! It has been nearly 7 months since I deserted this blog. And to think that I would ever be back again. What changed my mind? What was the reason I left in the first place?

Back in Oct 2007, Google AdSense banned me for violating their policies (which I don't know why). I appealed via email, but the appeal was rejected. At the same time, did not pay me after around 2 weeks. The number of PlanetPulse surveys were dwindling by the days. It suddenly dawned upon me that the online money making adventure was after all, just a myth.

A week ago, I was bored and decided to check out whether my PayPal account was still alive and kicking. To my surprise, it was not "empty"! PlanetPulse sent me a US$26 payment (converted from my 2600 Pulses).

And to make my day even better, AlertPay sent an email to my PayPal address saying that has paid me US$10! (This was because removed PayPal as their payment processor and switched to AlertPay). I was pleasantly surprised that 7 months after I gave up, I tasted the fruits of my labor!

Now, having the belief that it is still possible to realise my online money making dream, I shall start exploring more programs so that you readers out there can benefit! Who knows, one fine day, you might get a pleasant surprise just like me! :)

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