Friday, July 27, 2007

Where's the income?

As a full-time undergraduate, the income options are limited. By income, I exclude allowance, which is what your parents give for no work exchanged.

Passive income is one option. Network Marketing or Insurance are just some of the opportunities to build passive income. However, to build a steady stream of passive income, a lot of attention and effort is required in the starting phase. As undergrads, we probably cannot afford the time, energy and attention.

While full-time jobs are almost impossible, what are the common jobs that generates income for undergraduates?

Weekend sales promoters are rather common, especially in the IT-products market. Brands like Canon, Epson, Acer have weekend sales promoter to push sales during weekends.

Temporary sales promoters are also very common e.g. roadshows and IT fairs. You are only required to commit for a few days.

I've worked in PC-SHOWs before, earning around $500 in 4 days. Although the pay is good, the income is not regular. How long can the one-time $500 last you?
In my opinion, Tuition is by far the best option available to any undergraduate. If you have good time management, earning a regular yet attractive income from tuition is possible.

Good pay-per-hour ensures a decent pay despite the short hours worked. Flexible schedule allows the undergraduate to manage time efficiently.

Moreover, as undergrads, we have higher credibility, and naturally higher chances of being engaged. I was paid $33/hr for three of my six tuition students in the past few months! The monthly income was hovering in the lucrative region of $2K.

There are many other options available too. I merely discussed about the common opportunities that is available.

The challenge is, how well can you manage your time in order to earn yet achieve the desired grades?

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