Thursday, July 26, 2007

Paid to read mail or refer friends?

During my army days as a combat clerk (PES A, no ChaoKeng), I faced emails on a daily basis. Be it arrows from superiors, mindef newsletters, joke of the day from colleagues, I read them in great detail. During the 2 years, I almost developed a phobia of emails. I will frown at the sight of 15 new messages in the inbox

We all have interacted with emails one way or another. But other than the joke of the day, emails are a horror. Junk, Spam or Arrows.

I saw the concept of Paid Email in early 2007 when EmailCashPro advertised on newspaper and inside the MRT. I thought, finally we are given some incentives to read the mail. Without much thought, I went ahead with the program, without fully understanding how the program works.

The program was hugely disappointing. The incentive seems non-existent. Each paid mail from ECP you read will only entitle you about 0.65 cents. As if things weren't bad enough, they only have around 10 mails for me to read the whole month.

Thats when I went to find out more about ECP. Many people who managed to hit the minimum payout amount of $10 has built a considerable downline. This makes me wonder,

Are we paid to read mails or refer friends? (See the banner below)

Of course, this is a legitimate program as people who worked their way to the $10 target are duly rewarded with the cheque. But, how many will eventually reach the seemingly impossible figure of $10.00 in their account balance?

Perhaps only those people who are leveraging on the 100s of referrals reading mails while not getting paid themselves.

Now to me, this program is all about getting referrals. The reading mail part can be completed once in a long while. I read the 18 paid emails spanning 2 months in 30minutes and got paid around 11cents.

If MLM-related activity is your cup of tea, then this program is tailor-made for you. Build your downline and create the stream of passive income now!

What's a better business than one that's free?

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