Thursday, August 16, 2007

Disastrous Blogging Journey

After giving an excellent and outstanding presentation on corporate blogging in class today, a major problem regarding my own personal blog surfaced.


Reason was relation to a past account which was blacklisted. Feeling dismayed, I filed an appeal to Google Adsense. This blogtreprenuer journey is indeed an arduous one. Now I understand why it really takes perseverance and great effort in sustaining the enthusiasm in profitable blogging. The initial phase is full of problems yet lacking in rewards.

What can I do now? Wait and continue with the maintenance of this blog? Hopefully Google Adsense will approve of my appeal this time and reinstate the program on this blog. Otherwise, no further appeals will be reviewed and there goes one of the most prominent source of revenue used by bloggers

What can be more frustrating than having even your small dollars forfeited after 3 weeks of tough work?

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Alex Yeo said...


It's good not to put all your eggs into one nest... which is Google Adsense.

In this case, you have no control cos' you are "Google's employee". They can suspend your account anytime, which they did.

Sorry to ask... why don't you buy a domain name since you are venturing into "making money online" :)

Digging For Bucks said...

Thanks Alex for the advice,

I am considering getting a domain name soon.

But I am also assessing whether I have the time to focus on optimizing it.

Setting up a new blog need some time for the design, template etc.

But I will definitely take your advice, that is don't put everything in one nest. :)