Sunday, August 19, 2007

Blog Marketing Strategics to Boost Traffic!

Being a newbie in the blogosphere, I need to do research from top blogs such as John Chow or GatherSuccess to find out what are the ways to boost traffic. Although my results ain't impressive, I do see improvement in the amount of traffic to my blog after implementing the 4 strategies which I will talk about later. I believe that consistent effort in practising these strategies will pay off eventually.

Now the selection of 4 strategies from tonnes of techniques found during my research, which I believe will help beginners like me.

Beginners' 4 Blog Marketing Strategies to Boost Traffic

1. Leave comments on high traffic blogs

Visit relevant blogs that share the same niche as yours. Leave your comments on posts that interest you. Be sincere and not post comments like "visit my blog at..." Visitors who find your comments helpful and interesting may click on your name and there you go! A visitor to your blog!

2. Join social networking programs

Earlier in my post, I mentioned about MyBlogLog [Review about MyBlogLog]. Till today, I have not stopped networking at MBL. It really brings traffic, especially when you have joined many communities of similar niche and made friends with many others who share the same interest. You can add them as contacts, just like friendster and mingle with them through the messaging system. Once again, be sincere in making friends.

3. Participate in community forums

In forums, you have a signature where you can create link to your blog. Being active in forums will increase the exposure of your signature to more forumers, which increase the traffic (or rather, chances of visit). Be professional in your posts and establish a guru status in the particular field or niche in the forum. This will lead to targeted and relevant traffic for your blog.

4. Social bookmarking

Bookmark your posts to high traffic bookmarking sites like or Technorati and it will expose your post to many millions of visitors. If your post/article is interesting, visitors will visit your blog to read the post! Another way of doing this is to add social bookmarking links for people to bookmark your post. In this way, they help you gain exposure for your post! (See below for the Digg or Technorati links for example)

All the strategies above are free and easy to implement. Perhaps after I cashout some of the money from my other online ventures, I will experiment with paid advertising strategies and review them for all readers here.

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