Thursday, August 09, 2007

Inline Adsense Within Your Post?

Many bloggers have started to put reasonable emphasis and noticeable efforts in ad placement strategies in order to boost revenue. Other than the usual side-bar loaded with a 160x600 skyscraper or a 468x60 banner in the header, people are integrating their ads into their blogs' content. One way is to implement inline advertisements into the post.

I researched for almost 10 hours before I finally succeeded. The final product was pleasing while the process was frustrating. Lack of support from Adsense or Blogger certainly made this project an arduous journey. After many rounds of trial and error, I finally got it right.

Now, sharing with you the fruits of my labor!

1. Login to Blogger, go to "Edit HTML" under "Template" tab of your blog.

2. Check "Expand Widget Templates"

3. Search for the line <div class='post-body'> and add the Red code above it.

<div style="float: left;">
<--parsed Adsense code-->

<div class='post-body'>

4. Go to Blogcrowds and parse the Adsense code. Replace <--parsed Adsense code--> with the parsed code from Blogcrowds.

5. Save template.

Recommendation: Use 300x250 Medium Rectangle or 336x280 Large Rectangle for inline adsense within post.

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keeyit said...


This is great !
I have been searching for this too.. I will try out this soon..

I would like to exchange link with you. Is this OK for you ?

My website is

Hope to hear from you soon.

Thank You

Digging For Bucks said...

Hi KeeYit,

You're welcomed. I also searched for this for very long time. After many trial and error, this is the method which works for me as you can see :)

I am fine with the link exchange.

Maher said...

Thanks for the tips friend see you around.


Digging For Bucks said...


You're welcomed. :)