Monday, August 06, 2007

MyBlogLog - Blog's Friendster?

I joined MyBlogLog due to a simple intention -- Join the community of a blog that I frequent. Little did I know that MyBlogLog is actually a social community for bloggers to communicate and link up with one another!

What is the opportunity that MyBlogLog offers? It is the opportunity to network with people sharing same interests and beliefs as you. For monetized blog authors, networking is important because people sharing the same interest as you will visit your blog!

For the past few days, I have found many blogs of similar niche to mine and learn a great deal from them. In the meanwhile, I have made new blogger friends who share the same interest as me, both local and overseas. Today, the world has shrunk with the invention of internet. Making friends has no boundaries! Everyone is blogging!

Reading about other people's daily happenings has never been my hobby, especially blogs that belonged to someone you don't even know. However, nowadays, blogs are no longer just musings about your daily life. Instead, it has become an avenue for one to share his thoughts and opinions.

While most of my friends' blogs (at least those I visited) are hardly blogs with a niche, many blogs at MyBlogLog have consistent content in a particular niche such as internet marketing or even recipes! Reading them can be a pleasure as it takes you through a train of thoughts. You can learn a great deal in the process.

So what's in for you at MyBlogLog?
A huge network of friends with endless number of interesting and entertaining blogs that talks about anything under the sun!

Sign up for MyBlogLog and join my community now!

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