Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Time - Critical Factor to Succeed in Blogging?

To succeed in blogging, time is an important factor. While there is no cost to maintaining a blog, your precious time is depleted for this sole purpose of blogging. For casual bloggers, they blog whenever they feel like it. But for professional bloggers, their blogs must be updated regularly in order to retain the readership.

Updating regularly does not mean a simple two-liner or just a comment on the weather. It is the addition of relevant content to your blog. We are talking about top quality articles which creates value for your readers. To maintain the standard of your articles, you need a great deal of time to generate the points and ideas, as well as pen them down in words and paragraphs. Much effort and time is required.

Articles are nothing to a writer with flair in writing. But for average souls like us, it may be a tedious job. I spend an average 45 minutes on writing a 200-word article, excluding the time taken to generate the points and ideas.

With my university semester starting, I may soon face the problem of insufficient time to maintain my blog. However, I shall look upon part-time yet successful bloggers like John Chow as my motivation. Time management is key to success.

He can make it, so can I.

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